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How to create an efficient and effective CV to express your self

Hi, all it is very hard to focus on article writing in a very busy period with my training and academic works. But I thought to write this article as I felt this is very important and timely.

So here I have attached the link to download my CV which was selected for both Creative Software and Virtusa. (However, I chose Virtusa).After reading this document scroll over to my link and download it and get something from it if you are interested.

Here I would like to discuss a few tips for making a powerful CV that will save you in the Internship interview selections. I have focused basically on creating a CV related to internships in Computer Science.

Download Here

What is a CV?

When you are applying for a job interview or an internship people in the companies don’t know you. So what they have is your they get a clear picture of you by reading the CV top to bottom. So even if they have not seen you any day they can get a clear picture of you by referring to the CV.So I think you got the point. It is very very necessary to create a powerful CV to express yourself for them. A single mistake that you have made in it will lose your opportunity as there are people in the same boat who don’t do them. So the opportunity will go out for them If you are have created your CV carelessly.

CV Template

You are completely free to use your template. but here I recommend creating a CV from an existing template. Choose a very eye-catching and professional template to create a CV. I created my CV from a template and I got it from Canva.

this is an amazing website to create your CV. if you are a beginner or not the tools which are used here are very simple and friendly. Choose a good template and start to build your stunning CV. Make sure to create your CV below 3 pages. Long Cvs doesn’t make any sense and it is a disadvantage to using more than 3 pages. The best page size is 2 pages.

The next thing is the alignment. It is very very necessary to align your topics at the same level. Try to be more professional. Even a single misalignment between main topics and paragraphs will lose the beauty of the CV and I am sure it will affect your opportunity too.

Here I am highlighting the opportunity again and again because interview selection is a huge competition. Before passing the interview you must be selected for the interview. even in that scenario, there is a huge competition with other fellows. So Don’t be idle. Give yourself time and give maximum effort in creating the CV. The final pay of All sacrifices is not for me. But for your account.

The next thing I want to highlight is spelling mistakes. Don’t ever again ever make a spelling mistake or a grammar mistake inside the CV.the people who read it will surely judge you how careless you are. So please check the CV from top to bottom after the creation at least 6 times whether there are any spelling mistakes or not.

The next thing I want to highlight is the titles. you can use titles in your CV as you wish but in a very consistent and eye-catching way. Use relevant and same font sizes for all the equal type topics. your topics may include personal details, projects you have done, essential links, referees, etc. what I want to tell you is to make it consistent.

URL including is very important inside your CV as a technical guy you have to show out what you have done. The necessary thing is don’t add a URL as a hyperlink. Always use the complete URL.

Blogsquad:- Not recommended. :- Recommeded.

Using the maximum area of the page is another important thing that you should consider. Don’t leave white spaces. Take full advantage of the page.


Another important thing that you must consider is the language.don’t ever use informal or offensive language, words, etc. always use very formal and professional sentences inside your cv.

Take a review from others about your cv. They will show out these kinds of errors. I also got reviews from very talented people about my CV and I could get rid of many errors that I didn’t encounter in the beginning. After all, the final product should be awesome.


Different people use different structures when including the content and this is the content that I used personally. I recommend this pattern as it was very effective for me.

On the left side

1. About Me

2. Contact Details

3. Technical Skills

4. Languages

5. Tools and Technologies

6. Interests

7. Extracurricular activities

8. Non-Related Referees

On the right side

1. Experience

2. Education

3. Projects

One thing that I want to mention is after all at the end of a CV most people use “I hereby certify that bla bla bla …..”

What is the point of this? This is not a legal document. You don’t have to include signatures inside your CV.don’t ever use these kinds of certifications by your self and it will reduce the quality of the CV.

About Me Section

The first thing that I want to mention is this is not bio Data. this is a curriculum vitae. So don’t use very long boring introductions when describing your self .use a very effective, one or two sentences to express your self as a very positive and self-confident guy.

Showing that you are self-confident is very important not only when creating the CV but also when facing the interview.

So here is the sentence that I used to introduce my self in the CV. I recommend one similar to this as the introduction.

Achieve excellence through dedicated work as a dynamic role player in all the phases of the Software Development Life Cycle in my best ability. And also to take myself to a higher morally and financially stable state.

After that, you can add your address and birthdate.

Another important thing that comes to my mind under this section is the photograph you adding. Don’t add selfies. Don’t add black and white photographs. It is not necessary to add a photo with office kits. The important thing is to make feel positive when others looking at your photo. This is really necessary .show them that you are a cool, positive, and confident guy through your photo.

Contact details

This section is very very important. If you have been selected for a scheduled interview they are contacting you through these details. So make sure the phone numbers and the emails that you have included are working. I recommend using two phone numbers because there is a possibility that your number is not working. if it is not working at the moment they are calling you they will not try again. so be sure to include two numbers. It is very good they are personal to you but on two phones.

Then include your email addresses and Github and LinkedIn profile URLs as necessary. If you have used your Facebook account in a very professional way include it too. I didn’t add it because most probably they would not hire me if they have looked by Facebook profile(LOL…Just Kidding)

Technical Skills

Include your technical skills under two separate topics. as experienced with and familiar with(Look how I have added).under the experienced section you should include the programming languages that you have done very well, They will focus too much on these technologies and ask questions most out of them. So be ready. Full trusted technologies that you have much knowledge of should be included under this section.

Under the familiar with section include the technologies that you have done but you have not much confidence in related to experienced ones.

Extracurricular activities

This is also a very important section. This will give a tremendous picture of your personality and all. if you have participated in Hackathons, social related things, volunteering works include them. according to my idea if you have a very good range of extra works there is a very high probability in the selection.

In this section, you can mention the titles that you have won like Student Ambassadors in FaceBook, Google Student Ambassador, etc.

You can include the societies that you worked as an example FaceBook Developer Circle, Sustainable Education Foundation, etc.

The Hackathons that you have participated in and the titles that you have won etc.

If you have worked in Google Crowdsource, IEEE, StackOverflow, etc include them in the CV.

Show yourself to others as you are a very dynamic person with having a very particular set of skills.


This is not necessary if you are an intern student. but if you have any include them. If you don’t have any prior experience it is ok. don’t panic. here you are requesting an internship opportunity. Not a job. So it is totally fine to leave it empty. but according to me, I had several things to include so I added them under the experience section


Under education include the degree that you are following. include your AL results and the stream as I have mentioned in my CV. Include your OL qualifications. (Not necessary)

One thing that I have to mention is don’t include your index numbers for these is just a joke.

If your GPA is good include it with the degree that you are following. Do not mention the subjects that you have learnt.No body cares.

When mentioning the A/L results if you have a good rank and a higher z-score mention it too. All you need is to highlight you in the CV.

Mention any academic rewards if you have any with a little and nice introduction.


This is a very important part. Include the finished and stunning projects at first. If there are any ongoing projects include them later. add a brief introduction to the project. add the Github link related to the project. add the specific technologies that you have used to create them. add the time spent to that you got to finish the project. This really not necessary. However, I included the beginning time and the end time.

As an example, this is how I added the completed projects to my CV

01)ONLINE SHOPPING SITE(04–2019–05–2019)

· This e-commerce site includes all features of a normal e-commerce site including online payments.

· Technologies used : React JS,HTML5,CSS3 and Bootstrap


You need to mention two non-related referees and their contact information. NEVER EVER say “Available on request”.Do you think that they will “request”? You must provide all the needed information. Not theirs to ask. Mention the details of reputed people. It’s okay if you mention some manager of some company you know. But better them to be known. Make sure that they know you too. Inform them that you’re putting them as referees. Otherwise, they’ll be lost if the company calls them to ask about you. Add their Name, Company/Institute, and the Designation. Use prefixes Dr. or Prof. etc. Include their telephone numbers. Include the emails of them .it is better if you could include their company or working institute gave emails instead of private emails. because it increases the professionalness of the CV

Final Points to remember

1. Don’t ever lie in the will get caught in the Interview even if you get selected. your reputation will be lost in a blink of an eye.

2. First of all, think think and again think which template you should use.

3. Mention only what is important. this is not a biography of yours.

4. Show to many many people as much as you can. Detect errors.Fix them.Don’t be lazy.Finally, all the good is for you



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Nandika Jeevantha

Nandika Jeevantha


Trainee Software Engineer at Virtusa. An Undergraduate of Sabaragamuwa University of SriLanka.